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I earned my Bachelor’s of Science degree in New Media and Communications from Middle Georgia State College in Macon, Georgia, and my MMIS post-graduate degree from Georgia State College.

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As a former I.T. consultant, I am highly familiar with hardware and software used in today’s technology-driven business world. The methods of communication is growing faster than traditional media can cope, and is going in directions even experts cannot adequately predict. With my experience and training, the ability to adapt to these changes is the only way to overcome these challenges. Through my background and the experience I am able to see upcoming technologies and usage patterns, and to plan for them accordingly; this, coupled with my ability to quickly adapt and benefit from these new systems, gives businesses the competitive edge.

In the past few years, I have become involved with the “Maker movement” and have been a member of SparkMacon, a makerspace in Macon, Georgia, and became a board member a year later. My special interests are 3D Printing, Laser Cutting/Etching/Engraving, and Internet of Things (IoT) devices based on Arduino and Raspberry Pi platforms. I have become a subject-matter expert in 3D Printing, moderately adept at 3D modeling, and have my own 3D printer.

Outside, I love to Geocache, which is like “treasure hunting” or “scavenger hunting” using maps and GPS, often combined with puzzles to solve along the way. Further, I love to spend time camping, hiking, and fishing with my family. Indoors, we love geeky things!

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